Saturday, February 16, 2008

sprite comics

LoL. this is a comic my friend sent me using some video game sprites (images made pixel by pixel that resemble video game animations or images). both he and i have a lot of inside humor but one that should stand out the most is we think that random things are hilarious! the more random it is the more likely we'll laugh at it. so in this comic he made, danny, is talking about something cool he's done with his hand held game console and the next thing i say has absolutely nothing to do with what he just said and then a horrible monster jumps right in his room and yells at us! lol. kinda reminds me of a french project we had together in high school and Japanese anime. anyway its funny so feel free to laugh.

This Blog is my First Blog

huh...i've finally decided to start a blog. i like the idea and have kinda flirted with it for sometime now, but this is the time that i've made my commitment. :)

now that i've started on i plan on using it to update my wonderful friends and family about whats going on in my life. i may write in a personal journal style or at times respond and address specific topics. another thing is that i wont be putting too much interest in capitalization or grammar to keep the feeling of realism in my post. as if i'm speaking right to you or from the heart. some times i may make mistakes too :)

now on to the blog!