Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Time

i found this doodle that i did and decided to practice my painting on OpenCanvas. i think its a big improvement from tht pic i posted on my mothers day post, but it looks like the same girl too. funny. what do you think?

Friday, May 30, 2008

New Comic!

ok i have something new for ya kids. I'm gonna be making a new comic book in the comics section called Journey to The End. :D I'm excited cause this will be one of my main comics that i will be working on along with some other secret projects that I'm working to get published.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mommies Day!

Happy Mothers day this weekend and hope all of you have a wonderful mothers day with the mommy's you may have in your life. If you don't have one then, then look forward to the future to be one or have one in your life.

On another note. I did get my hands on a 9x12 Intuos Wacom Tablet and have in the process a piece of Open Canvas work that i am now currently calling Some Girl. below is a clip of it. tell me what you will soon be posted up on my deviant art portfolio where you can see that and all of my works and sketches.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wacom Cintiq 21UX

i'm thinking about getting a wacom tablet :) i've always been impressed with their products and some time has passed for them to come out with some new products. they have some top of the line models called Cintiq. here are some videos of them in action.

this next one is kinda boring but lets you know what you can do with the Wacom Cintiq 12WX

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Six Most Useful Free Applications

  1. Notepad ++

  2. Every Windows user has come across notepad at some point of their experiences. Whether viewing the source code of a website, or editing .txt files, notepad is one of the bare necessities on Windows.

    Notepad ++ is just what it says on the tin - a souped-up version of notepad. There are many additional features that make it all the more useful: from the ability to code and check scripts in just about every computer language you can think of, to the simple (yet effective) tabbed document interface, letting you have multiple documents open in the same window.

  3. Mozilla Firefox

  4. Firefox has always been there, providing a strong alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer. Some people have been unsure as to why to bother using another browser, whilst others argue that Firefox is the best available browser.

    Especially with the release of the improved Firefox 3, Firefox has become a very useful tool for surfing the internet. But, with the added functionality of the hundreds of available add-ons, you can do more than just surf the web: you can customize the way web pages look, create macros that complete all those boring repetitive tasks for you (like filling in forms online), and even get rid of all those annoying ads that are plastered all over the internet!

  5. GIMP

  6. Ever wanted to use the fancy features available on Photoshop, but not had enough money to buy the professional software? Well, look no further. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and is very useful when professional graphics programs (such as Photoshop) are not available. It has many similar features to Photoshop, and is completely free!

    Whether you want to edit a photo, create a company logo, or make banner for your website, then GIMP is the best free program available.

  7. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

  8. The professional versions of AVG are used by many large companies, and it is one of the top anti-virus softwares out there.

    The free edition of AVG still includes all of the good anti-virus features from the professional edition, making it (in my opinion) the best free anti-virus software. Virus definitions are updated daily, making sure that your computer is kept safe. Also, with scheduled scanning you can ensure that you never leave your hard drive unscanned for long periods of time.

  9. Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free

  10. This nifty little program scans your computer for spyware and malware, and allows you to remove them from your system completely. Inferior only to professional programs, Ad-Aware Free has all the functionality and security you would want from a freeware spyware removal tool.

  11. Revo Uninstaller

  12. Ever come to uninstall a program, and find that there's no uninstall option? Well, for tricky little programs like that, the answer is Revo Uninstaller. This piece of software can remove just about any program from your system, whether there is an uninstaller or not. And do not go thinking that it goes stumbling in the dark and deleted random files that share similar names to that of the program you want to uninstall - Revo Uninstaller searches the registry and removes only files and folders directly associated to the program being removed.

    This program also has extra handy features, like the ability to control which programs start automatically when Windows starts, and a junk file remover - which removes unnecessary clutter from your hard drive.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Family Home Evening: Games

Family home evening is a time that families of whatever kind can gather together have a message about the gospel and treats and play a game. its something that Latter-Day Saints have been doing since 1915 and was introduced by President Joseph F. Smith and his counselors in a world wide effort to strengthen families.

well today this family home evening we played an amazingly fun game. i don't know what i was called but someone would start-off by writing a sentence on a piece of paper and then pass it to the right. the person at the right would then draw a picture that best describes the sentence then cover the sentence by folding over it before passing it to the next person on the right. that next person would write a sentence to best describe the picture. it would go on like that untill the paper was full on one side and ended with a sentence.

if that was at all confusing then the pictures below should give you a better idea.

new art at

i have a website that i like to go to post my artwork called i haven't been too active with posting in the past due to being busy with other things like school and work. now, though, i've found myself with more time to devote to my artwork so i will be posting more online.

this is one piece of many that i've just added on deviant art.

you can find all of my work at

Saturday, February 16, 2008

sprite comics

LoL. this is a comic my friend sent me using some video game sprites (images made pixel by pixel that resemble video game animations or images). both he and i have a lot of inside humor but one that should stand out the most is we think that random things are hilarious! the more random it is the more likely we'll laugh at it. so in this comic he made, danny, is talking about something cool he's done with his hand held game console and the next thing i say has absolutely nothing to do with what he just said and then a horrible monster jumps right in his room and yells at us! lol. kinda reminds me of a french project we had together in high school and Japanese anime. anyway its funny so feel free to laugh.

This Blog is my First Blog

huh...i've finally decided to start a blog. i like the idea and have kinda flirted with it for sometime now, but this is the time that i've made my commitment. :)

now that i've started on i plan on using it to update my wonderful friends and family about whats going on in my life. i may write in a personal journal style or at times respond and address specific topics. another thing is that i wont be putting too much interest in capitalization or grammar to keep the feeling of realism in my post. as if i'm speaking right to you or from the heart. some times i may make mistakes too :)

now on to the blog!